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Porthampton 3 Ackersley Harriers 1

Porthampton turned themselves around after a couple of disappointing games to serve up their second win of the season against Ackersley and their fourth win at home in a row.

That’s not to say that Porthampton had t all their own way, with the Harriers taking the early lead from a scramble in front of goal crediting Song with a goal from Maraston’s corner cross.

Porthampton answered shortly after with a long ball from Austin reaching Harris, who beat Arojja before threading the ball under Danjon and into the net.

The half ended with a draw and yellow cards shown to both Liddle and Maraston after some pushing and shoving following a brutal tackle.

Adam Bain, determined not to see a repeat of the form shown in the last two games and perhaps with the sponsor deal on his mind had some serious words for his team at the break. The team that emerged from the tunnel had a look of determined resolve that was reflected in their performance on the pitch.

The Porthampton defence plugged all holes and the increase in pressure drove Ackersley to lose the ball on a number of occasions.

Purcy, taking advantage of one of the errors supplied by Ackersley midfielder Gowers, had a stunning run up the right wing, a cross from deep in the corner delivered straight to Liddle on the far side of the box. Cutting inside, Liddle deftly placed the ball across the face of the goal where it met with Kelly who drove it home to take the lead.

Porthampton didn’t sit back on their laurels, a substitution of Ravenhall for Lane and bringing some fresh legs into midfield while Carlton came in for Harris up front.

The changes added the extra pace needed to provide the third goal, Lane’s run through the Ackersley midfield providing Jackson with a through ball that split the defence and saw Jackson take a shot on goal that was pushed away as much by luck as skill by the keeper. Unlucky for him that Carlton was there to take care of the fumbled save and score Porthampton’s third of the day.

The game ended with the score 3-1 and a Porthampton side that was far more focused than in its last two outings, Bain when asked said “We had a bit of a rough start but pulled it together, especially in the second half. The lads really found their focus and it showed in their performance. It was a good result.”

When asked about the recently announced loss of sponsor come the end of the season he had this to say, “I’m not overly concerned at this point, we need to focus on the season in the short term and make that our top priority”

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