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Porthampton 0 Hamble United 0

After their 3-2 loss away from home earlier in the season, Porthampton were unable to strike back and were only able to manage a goalless draw against Hamble this week and making it 4 out of 9 matches The Fleet have won since the beginning of February.

The Porthampton side did however look more the part than they did at the beginning of December, the defence closing out the pressure from Hamble’s front two, while midfield supplied Harris and Carlton up front with numerous chances.

It was this pair that seemed to be at the core of Porthampton’s troubles.The rivalry for places up front in Bain’s staunch commitment to the 4-4-2 formation has meant that these two have been in direct competition for time on pitch. It seemed that this competition to show Bain who deserves the most time on pitch alongside Jackson has made the two reluctant to pass the ball, resulting in missed opportunities and rushed shots that would have otherwise been clear goals.

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