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Newton Ashcliffe 3 Porthampton 2


Porthampton suffered a severe blow today as Gibson was stretchered off suffering from a back injury. The Porthampton keeper was carried off in the 17th minute after a clash resulting from a corner kick. Gibson came off his line to punch the ball clear and connected with Plunkett as he came forward for the header.

Pascoe came in to replace the fallen keeper though his inexperience between the posts was apparent.

Caught off his line on numerous occasions it was only a matter of time before the home team scored, the first coming in the 32nd minute. In no man’s land after a failed clearance, the ball was tapped home for an easy goal.

The error seemed to knock the young player’s confidence, the second goal scored on Newton Ashcliffe’s next attack. Perhaps too eager to make up for his previous mistake, Pascoe slid out towards Cook taking him down within the box and gifting The Baggies a penalty which was slotted into the bottom left corner.

The Fleet worked hard to battle back, seeing the game tied at 2-2 by half time, with goals supplied by Harris and Phillips.

The second half saw a hard fought battle in midfield for possession that caused heated exchanges on both sides and yellow cards for Kelly and Doolan after a heavy tackle from Porthampton’s central midfielder led to some pushing and shoving.

It looked as though Porthampton were going to pull ahead in the 57th minute, with Harris trying for his second from a set piece pass delivered by Ravenhall, the crowd on their feet to see Harris’ shot just passing over the crossbar.

Newton Ashcliffe responded in kind around five minutes later with a shot that just caught the wrong side of the left upright. Not to be dissuaded, they kept hammering the Porthampton defence looking for holes.

The Baggies finally saw daylight in the 93rd minute, a through ball from Zerovski finding Hill in the middle who connected beautifully and was rewarded with seeing the ball find the top left corner.

The final whistle blew with an unlucky defeat for Porthampton but an entertaining match for those in attendance.

In a post match interview Adam Bain said “We fought hard and I’m proud of the lads, they gave it their all today in a tough situation. It was just unlucky that we didn’t come away with a point.”

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