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Details emerge after hit and run arrest

Details have been released by police as to Matthew Daines’ movements after driving away from the tragic hit and run that saw 11 year old Jane Smith die from head and internal injuries after attempting to push her younger brother, John out of the way.

After fleeing from the incident Daines’ took his blue Transit van back to his lock up where he attempted to remove any evidence from the van and proceded to repair the damage to the van caused when he struck the two children. Daines went to the extent of repainting part of the front of the van and replacing the front bumper in order to try and hide from the police inquiry.

It has since been revealed that the informant in the case was Daine’s girlfriend, Natasha Dobbes. In an interview with Miss Dobbes she revealed how he confessed to her after Jane’s death.

“I came home to find Matt in tears, he was hysterical and admitted that he was the one who killed the little girl.

He wanted to keep it between us and begged me not to tell anyone, but I had to tell the police, I can’t imagine what that that little girls family have gone through.”

Mr Daines faces charges of causing death by dangerous driving and could be jailed for up to 14 years.

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