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Porthampton 1 Moorgate 2


Porthampton were without their first string keeper this week after his back injury in last week’s loss to Newton Ashcliffe, Pascoe again taking his place between the posts.

It was to be a difficult test for Pascoe, against the league leaders in only his second match as Porthampton’s keeper. The young keeper showed more composure than in his debut performance and was more able to direct the back four.

It was however that Pascoe’s lack of experience that lead to the first goal. The fresh faced keeper’s poorly placed wall at a free kick 40 minutes in saw Holloway’s shot curl into the top corner past his outstretched finger tips.

Porthampton drew level in the second half with a 69th minute corner cross finding Austin’s head at the back post.

Porthampton seemed to settle back at this point and resigned themselves to taking the single point, dropping back in an attempt to close out Moorgate who were on the offensive.

The strategy worked until the 83rd minute when a poor clearance by Sinclair was picked up by Robertson who crossed it into the box, where Holloway headed it into the back of the net for his second of the day.

When asked about the damage to the team caused by such an inexperienced keeper Adam Bain said after the match said “This is a team game, we can’t point the finger at any one player. We need to work on our focus more, when we lost our focus, we lost the match”

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