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Proposals to increase parking charges spark concerns for local businesses

Proposals by Porthampton City Council to increase parking charges in the city centre have prompted local businesses to speak out.

Mitchell Lane, Southeast Business Council Chairman, who works closely with businesses within the city sees it as a potentially damaging move by the local council:

“I believe this is a poorly considered move by Porthampton City Council. The increase in parking charges is likely to discourage people from spending as much time within the city centre, potentially dissuading them from coming at all. This of course has a real impact on locally run businesses within the city centre and could result in a loss of revenue, or in the worst case scenario, closure for some retailers.”

Porthampton City Council however put a different spin on the initiative. When contacted the Council had this to say:

“Porthampton City Council is dedicated to the growth and success of the city. To that end we have recently announced our extensive plans to redevelop the north end of the high street. In order to make this possible however it stands to reason that we need to generate the funds necessary to make Porthampton the best leisure destination in the south and the minor increase in parking fees is one of a number of initiatives to help us achieve this.”

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