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Salter & Son’s Hits on Hard Times


Salter & Sons

Salter & Sons

Salter & Sons evokes nostalgia for its institutional standing in the heart of Porthampton city centre. Last week it became clear that Salter & Sons has fallen on hard times, with threats of closure from the newly opened Harbourside Centre

The collapse of Salter & Son’s would signal the loss of one of the oldest retailers left in our city centre after opening its doors to the public in 1961 as a menswear retailer.

None of the shops in the city centre are bustling – the shops are empty and even the swish boutiques have ‘Sale’ signs in their windows alongside the posh frocks. But Salter & Sons has a special air of desolation. Aisles of suits and shirts are on special offer, three for the price of two.

‘I quite like Salter’s, but basically it’s all just a bit crap isn’t it?’ says one browser, Steve, as he leaves empty-handed. At the till, two members of staff lean with their chins in their hands, chatting.

It wasn’t always like this: Salter & Sons once had a thriving trade and a special place in the hearts of Porthampton shoppers. During the 1960’s it was famous for supplying the local mods with their fashionable suits, bringing a taste of Carnaby Street to the city.

But today, there are plenty of rivals piling it high and selling it cheap. In the newly opened Habourside Centre there are numerous new retailers all vying for the same market with the inviting soft fluorescent glow of newness. It remains to be seen whether Salter & Sons will be up to the competition.

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