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University ‘PUGS’ all set to build the educational future for Portswana children

The foundations are in place ready for arrival of the students

This week a group of young people from Porthampton University’s Geography Department Student Society (PUGS for short) will be going on a trip of a lifetime to our twin town (village) of Portswana in South Sudasia. They are not going on holiday though. This group will be helping to build a brand new school for the young children of Portswana. Currently they don’t even have a classroom but do most of their learning beneath a tree in the village. This is all set to change due in part to the generosity of Porthampton residents (lots of our readers!) and funds raised by the students themselves.

The eight students, together with two of their tutors, fly out to South Sudasia on Thursday night and are due to arrive in Portswana on Friday.

Eleanor Smith, current President of PUGS, told us, “I’m really excited about the trip! It is so cool that we have this chance to help people who have so little compared to the opportunities we get. I’m sure it will be a fantastic but humbling experience for us all”.

South Sudasia has had a turbulent time of late. Uprisings against the Government have been met with strong, and in cases fatal, resistance by troops loyal to the government’s regime. Things have been a little quieter of the last week or so but insiders are saying that it is just a matter of time before things begin to move again. Recent events in Eygpt and Syria are thought to be influencing normal South Sudasians into taking action against a regime which has been described as repressive and corrupt. The Embassy of South Sudasia refused to comment.

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