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Footfall Down 10% in Porthampton Town Centre

The Porthampton growth and tourist commission has expressed concern at figures which indicate footfall in the town centre has decreased by almost 10% in November.

The latest Retail Consortium survey showed that shopper numbers were down 9.8%, compared to a 3.1% decrease in September.

In the UK as a whole, footfall fell by 4.8%, meaning Porthampton has fell by almost double the average. According to the survey 18.5% of shops in the region are now lying vacant.

Glyn Roberts, a spokesman for the retail consortium said: “These figures are a serious cause for concern and require radical and immediate action to ensure that our Town Centre does not fall further into decline.

“It is truly shocking that not only does Porthampton have the highest shop vacancy rate in the UK, but it now has a very serious reduction in footfall figures.”

He continued: “We need a new joined up and co-ordinated plan to address key policy challenges facing our town, such as rates, planning, car parking and urban regeneration.

“We call for the Executive Sub Group on the Economy to agree this new action plan ASAP, and unless we see radical action, then more shops and jobs will be lost”

But some shops have reported healthy trade in the last month. William Gilliland, who owns a successful suit shop in town, which has been in business for over 50 years, says the high level of service independent stores provide attracts shoppers.

“It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what attracts customers, but it seems to be the personal touch, we even get customers coming from out of town, just because they’ve heard of what we do here”

Despite the success of these few stores, the fate of Porthampton high street remains in the balance, but it’s clear that in order to survive, something will need to be done soon.

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