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Stubbingtown 3, Porthampton 0


It was not to be as no matter how hard they tried, The Fleet could not score, setting up the opposition by giving the ball away on numerous occasions.

Without many of their regulars,
Porthampton struggled to form a unified front while hammered from all directions by Stubbingtown.

Though they fought hard for the first half, a sloppy pass across the area was comfortably hammered home by the lone Stubbingtown striker and signalled a loss of moral from the jumble of players put forward by the Porthampton manager.

The second
goal came shortly after when The Fleet gave away a cheap free kick outside the box which was expertly threaded through the Porthampton wall.

Porthampton attempted to shore up the holes in their defence, trying to stop the onslaught of the Stubbingtown attack and succeeded in keeping them at bay until the 86th minute when Stubbingtown striker Steven Howden scored his hat trick.

Porthampton manager Adam Bain said: “It’s fair to say the game did not go to plan but I’m still positive for the remainder of the season

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