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Children hurt in hit and run

A seven year old boy and his eleven year old sister were taken to hospital after being hurt in a hit and run incident near Albert Park.

Mandy Caniglia, who witnessed the event, gave this account: “They had been playing in the play area and looked to be on their way home. A transit van came around the corner going far too fast.

The little boy didn’t seem to notice the van and his sister ran out to try and push him out the way.

They both seemed to be hit by the van, it stopped but I think they must have panicked when they realised what happened and drove off before anyone could get close enough to see who they were”

The pair were rushed to Nightingale Hospital where they are being treated for head and internal injuries. A spokesperson for the family has said that they are in a critical but stable condition.

Police are looking for a plain blue Ford Transit style van with a dent in the left side and appealing for any other witnesses to come forward.

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