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Stikes Bay United 3, Porthampton 2


Bad luck seems to be coming in threes for The Fleet as they lose their third game in a row away from Harbourside Road.

The first 15 minutes saw Stikes Bay take a two goal lead. The first goal came from a lucky deflection seeing Cuckow’s long range shot bounce off White’s thigh and past the outstretched arm of Gibson into the bottom right corner.

Porthampton’s best attempt of the first half came from Ravenhall, beating three of United’s defence and finishing with a stunning shot that the Stike’s Bay keeper only barely managed to push over the crossbar.

Black’s cross to Callendar made it 2-0 with a precise volley threaded into the top corner. Porthampton seemed to settle into damage control and the remainder of the half saw little of interest from either side.

Adam Bain must have had some strong words for his team at half time as the players that took to the pitch at the second half were barely recognisable. From the moment the whistle blew Porthampton were firing on all cylinders.

The onslaught finally resulted in a goal in the 61st minute, Ravenhall’s through ball splitting the defence and leaving Jackson with a clear shot on goal which he fired into the top left corner.

This was followed by a levelling goal ten minutes later, when a high corner kick to the back post found Austin’s head and the back of the net.

The game would have ended in a draw if not for Porthampton’s return to their first half form in the dying minutes of the game. The Fleet settled back and were ready to accept the single point while Stikes Bay pressed on.

A careless tackle inside the penalty area by Franks saw Cuckow at the penalty spot, converting for a 3-2 final result.

Bain when questioned said “We fought back really hard in the second half, it’s a shame the score didn’t reflect that. All we can do is look at the lessons from this game and take them into the next.”

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